Canunda Wind Farm

The Canunda Wind Farm at Lake Bonney, near Millicent in South Australia’s South East, represents a diversification of the company’s energy business in Australia and a move towards increased power generation from renewable resources. It has been operational since March, 2005.

Canunda Wind Farm has 23 turbines capable of generating about 46 MW of electricity - enough to provide for the power needs of about 30,000 homes. Each turbine blade spans 39 metres.

The wind turbines at Canunda use wind speeds from 4m/sec and produce maximum energy at 14m/sec. They can operate at wind speeds of up to 25m/sec (90km/h).

The wind yield in South Australia enables Canunda to be capable of producing electricity up to 34 per cent of the time - a very high yield by global standards.

The wind farm occupies a site about 8km long by 3km at its widest point. It is linked by a 14km, 33,000 volt transmission line to electricity transmission facilities at the Snuggery substation adjacent to ENGIE’s Snuggery power station.

The energy produced by Canunda is contracted to ENGIE in Australia’s retail arm, Simply Energy.

Canunda is jointly owned by ENGIE (72 per cent) and Mitsui & Co Ltd (28 per cent).

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