GDF SUEZ Hazelwood is part of the global energy giant GDF SUEZ Energy International. Located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, 150 km east of Melbourne, GDF SUEZ Hazelwood comprises a 1542MW power station and an adjacent brown-coal lignite mine over an area of 3,554 hectares.

The brown-coal fired power station produces around 10 TWh annually and is supplied with up to 18 million tonnes of coal each year from the Hazelwood mine.

Hazelwood is jointly owned by GDF SUEZ Australian Energy (72 per cent) and Mitsui & Co Ltd (28 per cent).

Completed in 1971, the business directly employs 540 staff and averages 300 alliance contractors with hundreds more employed during major maintenance outages.

Hazelwood supplies between 20 and 25 per cent of Victoria’s energy requirements and 5.4 per cent of Australia’s energy demand.

Since 1996, over $1 billion has been invested in operational and environmental initiatives at Hazelwood which has resulted in significant efficiency and reliability improvements along with improved environmental performance.  This includes a more than 10 per cent decrease in Hazelwood’s CO2 intensity since 1996.

Australia’s biggest Carbon Capture and Storage pilot plant has been built at Hazelwood to test the capture and storage CO2 in a form available for future commercial applications.

50th Anniversary

GDF SUEZ Hazelwood power station celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 2014. Check out the commemorative wraparound in the Latrobe Valley Express to find out more about the history of the power station and mine.

Hazelwood 50 Years Latrobe Express Wraparound.pdf