Latest Proposals

ENGIE is investigating the potential for a range of new investment opportunities in base-load, peaking plant and renewable energy.

Together with our research partners, we will provide information on new proposals as they are developed, as part of our commitment to communicating openly with local communities and the wider public.


Willogoleche Power Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ENGIE, is proposing to construct and operate a wind farm consisting of up to 36 wind turbines located on Willogoleche Hill, approximately 160km north of Adelaide, and 6km west of the town of Hallett, South Australia. Willogoleche Hill has an average wind speed of 8.6 metres per second.

In 2008, Willogoleche Power Pty Ltd purchased the development rights for the proposed Willogoleche project in South Australia from Wind Prospect Pty Ltd. A new development approval was granted in 2011, which raised the site capacity to 36 turbines with a tip height limit of 152m. The new approval allowed for a greater range of potential turbine options, in megawatt size and rotor diameter, which will improve project economics and reduce the project’s energy footprint.

Between the original 26 turbine approval and the subsequent expansion to 36 turbines, some native grass communities, (most notably Lomandra multiflora, within the Iron-grass Natural Temperate Grassland of South Australia ecological community) became an Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) listed species, requiring more detailed studies and approvals for their removal and disturbance, and revegetation and management. This series of reports and associated correspondence was provided as part of the EPBC Act approval process.

Response to public document EPBC referral lodgement correspondence, 31 Jan 2011 Initial EBS Ecology Report 2004 CLR Planning and Land Use Assessment report, Dec 2010 Further correspondence and report EBS Offset Area Investigation report Willogoleche Wind Farm Project Figures